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3 years ago
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Increasing Knowledge – How Different Learning Styles Affect Employees

Both in school and in the workplace, there are people who learn in diverse ways. Increasing knowledge can be done differently based on the learner. People prefer learning in different ways such as; visual cues, classroom settings, or repetition. As corporate and business trainers we should ensure that we present current information in the most effective way. In this blog, we will cover popular learning styles and different eLearning companies that specialize in them. 

popular learning styles

Classroom Learners 

Classroom learning is something people usually do not see in eLearning videos. Despite this, there is some evidence that shows it is helpful. In a normal classroom, people can ask the teacher questions if they do not understand a topic. Hearing another student ask a question helps other students remember the answer because it might be important later. Despite this method of increasing knowledge, most eLearning videos are not set up like this. 

Bigger Brains has created all their eLearning videos with a teacher-student model. Instead of only having a teacher explain different applications, there is a “student” who questions the topic as well. This is extremely helpful in boosting the user’s confidence in the material they are learning. Additionally, having two people converse keeps users interested and focused on the video. 

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Visual Learners 

Visual learners are people who thrive off visual cues. This could be anything from a PowerPoint presentation, charts, or notes. This type of learning is often associated with school classes because of the use of whiteboards. It is also useful during meetings or training courses because allowing users to read the information helps them enforce it. Having users read what is being explained creates a higher chance of them remembering key details and increasing knowledge. 

Many eLearning companies, like Bigger Brains, cater to visual learners with re-enforcing graphics and illustrations. Some even specialize in creating custom visual training videos for different scenarios or topics your company might need.  

Repetition Learners 

People who learn best through repetition are often better at remembering things in the long term. Whether it is information they learned in school, or in a training video, these people have a higher chance of remembering details. The practice of retrieval training has been proven to help people remember information better than other practices such as regular studying. Strangely enough, there are very few training materials that utilize this process of repetition.  

Bigger Brains took advantage of this data and created BrainBot, an AI-based chatbot that sends periodic communications to help users retain knowledge from selected Bigger Brains training courses. BrainBot works through Microsoft Teams, Slack, Messenger, and Email. With this chatbot, trainers can pair it with training videos that already exist, or they can customize and add their own content. These features make this AI-based chatbot useful for any business in need of training material. 

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Auditory Learners 

Auditory learners are people who understand more when they process thoughts audibly. Some examples are having to hear someone explain something for it to stick or having to talk through a thought to understand it. This could be useful to help employees solve their problems themselves. If an employee can talk through a prompt and retrieve the answer themselves, they will remember it more. The main key to auditory learning is it does not have to be someone else talking for them to understand it. Sometimes just hearing their own voice talking about a topic is enough to solidify information. 

For employees who learn better audibly, Sarah Cordiner would be a great resource. She produces videos and tips on how to do your own courses. This resource might seem inconvenient, but if this way of learning helps your employees it might be worth looking into. 

Overall, there are many ways employees can learn specific information and different eLearning companies that might help. If you are not sure of the learning styles of employees, choosing courses from a company like Bigger Brains, which includes teaching styles that cater to many types of learners, is a great way to go! Increasing knowledge on various topics can seem like challenging work, but with the right training, it can be easy.

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