OneDrive in 30 Minutes: New Course Announcement

We all get into habits at work, whether it’s getting a cup of coffee at 9 am on the dot or clocking out at precisely 5 pm. One thing you might not worry about is where your files are when you’re not using them. For most people, this is not an important part of their day, but it should be! Knowing where your files are stored and how to reach them when needed should be something that everyone is familiar with in the workplace. Instead of leaving files unorganized, take advantage of Microsoft OneDrive with this new Bigger Brains course.

A person holding binders - Showing how beneficial OneDrive is

Why is OneDrive Important?

This Microsoft cloud service is specifically designed to connect files and projects through different devices. Because of this, you can access files and work on projects from anywhere! OneDrive is a secure service that opens the door to complete access and store information throughout your personal life. With this new course, viewers will learn how to stay connected by utilizing OneDrive’s additional features. 

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