4 Easy Steps to Beat Procrastination

As the holiday season engulfs all of us, it can be tempting to push tasks aside to “deal with them after the holidays.” Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but guess what is waiting after the holidays? More work! Instead of pushing it all off until you’re drowning in tasks that need to be completed right away, learn how to beat procrastination with four easy steps!

Commit Publicly 

When you publicly agree to take on a task, you have a sense of pride attached to it. Humans are funny creatures, and they care very strongly about whether others respect them. Because of this, when you publicly agree to a task, you are also publicly putting your respect up for discussion. This is a significant motivator for most people as nobody wants to look foolish or unprepared.

Find the First Step and Reward Yourself

Sometimes the biggest step in a project is figuring out where to start. Finding the first step can make a massive task much more manageable. Nobody expects you to learn a whole language in one day, but signing up for a class is much more achievable.

Once you know step one, tie its completion to a reward! A reward can be as simple as going to your favorite coffee shop and treating yourself to a drink when step one is complete. This is a great way to motivate yourself to complete a possibly not-so-fun task by rewarding yourself with something you enjoy.  

Identify the Downsides of Procrastination 

While it can be easy to point out all the reasons you don’t have to start a project today, it is just as important to point out why you shouldn’t push it off until tomorrow. Properly analyzing the pros and cons of putting off a project can help you see things more clearly. Maybe it seems like a no-brainer to choose a more exciting task over a large looming one, but when you analyze the pros and cons of procrastination, you may realize that the longer you push the job off, the less you’ll be able to make sure it’s done well.  

Visualize Completion 

Part of the reason it takes some people so long to complete a task is that they only focus on the work they will have to put into it. Yes, the work may be challenging, and it needs to get done, but focusing on it can increase anxiety and feelings of dread regarding the project. Instead, try focusing on how good it will feel when you are done. Focusing on the sense of relief you feel when you can officially check the box on that task is a great way to motivate you to stick it out! 

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