Mastering Excel 365 – Advanced: New Course Announcement

Many people have probably had an experience with Microsoft Excel before. Whether you used it once and decided to never try it again due to frustration (we have courses to fix that !) or use it consistently for work, most people are familiar with Excel and how you can use it. What people may not be familiar with is that Microsoft is moving towards a constantly updating version of the application. Microsoft Excel 365 is the Excel of the future.  

Two people looking at a graph that could be made in Excel 365

Why Is This Important?  

Excel 365 is Microsoft’s consistently updating application. Businesses with this subscription-based application will be able to decide how often they would like their apps to be updated. Whether this is monthly or semi-annually, Microsoft will gradually introduce these updates to the app!  

With this new course, viewers will learn where these updates are located and how they can help ease the workload of future business projects! This course covers crucial information about Microsoft Excel 365 on the Advanced level, whether this means automating functions to save time and effort or creating 3d Maps, Custom Lists, Queries, and Forms. 

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