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Chuck Gallagher

MS Accounting – Appalachian State University
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Ethics may seem like a theoretical concept, (not to mention a dull one) but when the media asks – and they will:

“What did you know?”

“When did you know it?”

“What did you do about it?”

It becomes much more practical, and a vital part of your business culture.
Chuck Gallagher

Chuck’s work as an international ethics and sexual harassment speaker, author and consultant has been built on a foundation of experience building businesses and sales teams, along with powerful, and sometimes painful, lessons learned along the way. He’s been featured on CNN, CBS and NPR radio for his work focused on the human side of ethics and using the insights gained to empower others in making better choices.

Chuck is the CEO of Ethics Resource Group and Virtual Training Associates. Through this outlet and others, he’s able to share his knowledge and real-world experience of choices and their consequences – both positive and negative – and how life can offer second chances. Chuck shares his own life journey and vulnerabilities with audiences in a way that is both entertaining and thoughtful, taking theoretical principles and concepts and presenting them as practical actions – actions that lead to results.

Ethics is more than a theoretical concept. It’s a practical collection of thought processes and behaviors that lead to personal and professional success. He helps audiences “connect the dots” between behavior, choices and success.

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