Fresh Manna Fellowship Ministries

Like God Cares International, Bigger Brains has been long-standing partners with Fresh Manna Fellowship Ministries (FMFM). FMFM is a community of refugees that meet in the township of Kitengela. This community is built of people who have not acquired the necessary human resource or educational skills that qualify them for employment or other economic opportunities.

Fresh Manna Ministries

What Does Fresh Manna Ministries Do?

Fresh Manna Fellowship Ministries is focused on working directly with refugee women and girls to teach them practical life skills. One of these life skills is learning how to sew. Learning this trade provides a way for women and girls to have a source of income and a way for them to make clothing.

Additionally, FMFM teaches women and girls computer literacy and computer skills training. This information allows these women and girls to raise awareness for the oppression and fundamental right violations they face in their daily lives.

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How Does Fresh Manna Ministries Work?

FMFM works to help refugees of Kitengela in many different ways. By providing fresh and packaged food to the church, volunteers can provide daily nutritious meals to families who cannot feed themselves.

Additionally, Fresh Manna Fellowship provides sound biblical training. This training offers Bibles to those who do not have one while also helping members discern truth from error. This is a problem many people face since lots of churches in the area have not had proper biblical training. This allows for the risk of false teaching, exploitation, and abuse.

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As important as these projects are, Fresh Manna Fellowship Ministries relies on donations to complete these missions. To learn about how you can best donate, click here.

Bigger Brains commits to providing the world’s best eLearning courses, but we don’t want to stop there. We believe that quality education is the key to a better world. Therefore, we commit to donating a portion of our revenues to charities focused on improving education.

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