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Bigger Brains understands the importance of education. (After all, we are an eLearning company, aren’t we?) Because of this, we realize that education everywhere matters, not just in the towns we live in or the location of our offices. Worldwide education is a priority at Bigger Brains. Because of this, we have been long-standing partners with God Cares International to help educate and sponsor a local church in Rwanda.

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Who is God Cares International? 

God Cares International (GCI) is a Canadian ministry that exists to spread the Christian faith worldwide through poverty alleviation and education. GCI started to respond to those suffering across the globe. The reason behind this name is to show those that might be wondering whether God honestly cares about their situation that He does. 

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How does GCI work? 

This ministry works with local communities worldwide by starting programs focusing on health, education, and biblical teaching. God Cares International uses donations to sponsor its projects around the globe. These projects range from building churches to providing free preschool education for children of labor workers in the area. 

As impressive as these projects are, GCI relies on donations to complete these missions. To learn about how you can best donate, click here.

Bigger Brains commits to providing the world’s best eLearning courses, but we don’t want to stop there. We believe that quality education is the key to a better world. Therefore, we commit to donating a portion of our revenues to charities focused on improving education. 

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