Top 3 New Features Added to Excel 365 & Excel 2021

By now, you should know the differences between Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 2021. While the differences may seem general, the differences can be more specific when it comes to 365 and 2021 software. For example, Excel 365 and Excel 2021 both have new features that are unique to the version you use. Here are the top 3 new features in Excel 365 and Excel 2021.

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Excel 2021


This new feature takes the preexisting MATCH function and improves upon it. The XMATCH function searches for a specific item and returns with the item’s position. This works by stating the item you want to know the position of and selecting a range of cells you would like to search in. After specifying these requirements, the XMATCH function will search and return the exact position relative to the field of cells selected.


Like XMATCH, the XLOOKUP function can help find information in a spreadsheet. This function works when you need to find data in a table or a row. What makes this function unique is the ability to search for data in one column and receive the correlating data from the same row in a separate column. The benefit of this function is that it will return data results no matter where the information is in relation to the initial search.

LET Function

The LET function allows users to assign names to data to calculate results inside a formula. Essentially, this function can help users keep track of the purpose of a cell or cell range in a function. For those who may repeat the same formulas throughout a spreadsheet, this can be a real-time-saver! Additionally, this function helps improve the readability of a formula, especially when working in a shared document.

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Excel 365

In addition to all the features mentioned above, Excel 365 has some exciting new features specific to its software.

LAMBDA Function

This new feature allows users to create custom functions in Excel. After naming and defining a function, you can use it again in the workbook! Depending on personal preference, these custom functions can be as simple or complex as desired. One of the unique aspects of this function is that the LAMBDA function does not require the use of macros or script.

Navigation Pane

Most people are familiar with the Navigation pane and how it can help navigate documents with ease. Most people are familiar with this feature inside Microsoft Word, but this time-saver is now available in Excel. This new tool is an easy way to understand a workbook’s layout, see what elements exist within the workbook, and navigate directly to those elements.

Data Validation List

This new feature can help streamline the data you collect in your Excel spreadsheets. A data validation list can help ensure that data is uniform and has no spelling errors. Additionally, if you have a spreadsheet open to multiple users, including a data validation list can help guarantee that only data you have approved makes it into the spreadsheet.

There are lots of new features available in Excel 365 and Excel 2021. These top 3 features for each version are just the tip of the iceberg! Look through the Bigger Brains library to learn more about all the updates Excel 365 and Excel 2021 have to offer! Bigger Brains focuses on providing updated and relevant content.

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