Outlook Online in 30 Minutes – Calendar: New Course Announcement

You may know Outlook as the personal email client, but the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook go much further than that. In addition to sending, receiving, and managing emails, Outlook gives users the ability to organize calendars. With the new Bigger Brains course, Outlook Online in 30 Minutes – Calendars, you can learn to be more productive using Outlook in Microsoft 365!

This course will prepare you to use the powerful new calendar board feature to customize how you see your calendar data. In addition to customizing your calendar, you will be able to navigate and manage board views. After completing this course, you should be well prepared to use the scheduling assistant, create and respond to meeting requests, and add and modify calendar events within your organization. If you are looking for an opportunity to refresh your skills in Microsoft Outlook, take advantage of this new course!

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