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Title Standards For Playlists

Quick Start – a minimal set of courses designed to get a new user up to speed on a topic in the shortest amount of time.

Understanding … Essentials – a more detailed curricula than “Quick Start”, but still designed to cover the most commonly used features or skills in the topic area.

Understanding … Advanced – designed to build on the similar “Essentials” collection and add additional topics which are used less often and probably by more advanced users.

Understanding … Admin or Understanding … For Managers – designed to build on the Advanced course with topics more suited to Administrators or Managers

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  • * Microsoft 365 Quick Start *
  • * Microsoft 365 Quick Start *
  • * New Professional Quick Start *
  • * Understanding Management Essentials *
  • * Understanding Microsoft 365 Office Advanced *
  • * Understanding Microsoft 365 Office Advanced *
  • * Understanding Microsoft 365 for Admins Essentials *
  • * Workplace Safety and Compliance Quick Start *
  • Microsoft Apps
  • Mini Courses
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Office 2021
  • Quick Tips
  • Sharepoint

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