Not sure where to start with Courses? 


Sometimes the hardest part is finding the correct course level or set of courses that will fulfill your needs. Bigger Brains has tried to take some of the guesswork out of selection and offers these Playlist Title Standards to assist.

Title Standards For Playlists

  • Quick Start – a minimal set of courses designed to get a new user up to speed on a topic in the shortest amount of time.
  • Understanding … Essentials – a more detailed curricula than “Quick Start”, but still designed to cover the most commonly used features or skills in the topic area.
  • Understanding … Advanced – designed to build on the similar “Essentials” collection and add additional topics which are used less often and probably by more advanced users.
  • Understanding … Admin or Understanding … For Managers – designed to build on the Advanced course with topics more suited to Administrators or Managers

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